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Usability Testing

What is Usability Testing?

Usability testing is a method that gauges a website’s ability to monitor how you use a system. In this setting, you will be asked to perform specific tasks (find e-mail link, discover new features, locate the logout button), and a facilitator will observe you completing these tasks.

These observations will be recorded using various software — including Screenflow and Snagit — as well as a video camera. We will analyze your responses after completion of the study, and make necessary changes based on your feedback.

How Does It Work?

Website usability testing is an observational tool aimed at discovering areas of improvement, and then making updates based on feedback received during the study. You will be asked to make comments on your experience while using the website, including:

  • How quickly and efficiently (how many clicks) you are able to locate the requested information
  • The challenges you encountered while trying to navigate the site
  • Your ability to remember how you reached these areas following the study
  • Your thoughts and feelings of the website as a whole
  • Whether you would recommend this site and its features to a friend

How Can You Help?

Your involvement in one of these usability sessions is welcomed and appreciated. Please fill out the Usability Participant Form to get started.