Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University

Photo of student and faculty research.

Finding real-world solutions
to real-world problems

Student led research.

Embry-Riddle partners with private and public entities to assist in developing solutions to today's and tomorrow's aeronautical and aerospace problems. Here at the world's largest aviation-oriented university, our focus on applied research is unique.

We have the faculty, students, technological resources, and drive to make real things happen. Our research capability is unmatched in the world of aerospace and this will continue to be the major thrust of our research efforts.

The hands-on opportunities, like the jet dragster project or the NASA Space Grant-funded high-altitude balloon project, help to solidify skills learned in the classroom and gave me direction in my chosen engineering degree.

Carson Roy Thill
Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering major, with concentration in robotics

Did you know?

  • Using the state-of-the-art technology housed in our labs, students and faculty at Embry-Riddle conduct approximately $14 million per year in applied research.
  • Currently, students are working with faculty and researchers with industry and government partners to develop new biofuels, green vehicles and aircraft, advanced propulsion systems, renewable energy sources and unmanned autonomous systems, just to name a few.