Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University

Business Research Projects

These links will take you to the specific project pages that are hosted on our college websites.

CORA (Daytona Beach)
A cooperative decision-making tool for flight-landing slot reallocation during ground delay programs.
KittyHawk (Daytona Beach)
A real-time tool for the airline crew recovery desk to proactively manage pilot's trip-pairs during irregular operations.
Long-Term Organizational Sustainability (Daytona Beach)
The Case for a Sustain-centric and Ethical Climate of the Organization
ORION (Daytona Beach)
A state-of-the-art model that dynamically optimizes authorization levels of different booking classes for all future United Airlines flights. The system sets the upper bound on possible bookings that can be considered for each fare class on every future flight.
Track (Daytona Beach)
A tool for the management of baggage-handling facilities at airports.
United Corporate Solution UCS (Daytona Beach)
A model to optimize the proposed discount for U.S. corporations to promote their business travel on United Airlines flights. The model considers the possible trade-off between the given discount and the loss of revenue from leisure travel due to its displacement by business travelers.