Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University

Scholarly Commons

Scholarly Commons is an open access digital repository of the intellectual output of the faculty, students and staff of ERAU. It can accommodate most publications, presentations or productions in electronic format. Sponsored by Ignite, the ERAU Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP), the University Information Technology Department, the Hunt (Daytona Beach) and Hazy (Prescott) Libraries, ERAU Scholarly Commons is used to collect, preserve, and showcase research, scholarly, educational, and creative works produced by the ERAU learning community in a single location. It facilitates global discovery of and access to ERAU’s research, intellectual and creative output while providing a unified, stable, long-term home for this digital scholarship.

ERAU Scholarly Commons is maintained by the Hunt Library on the Daytona Beach Campus. It is the responsibility of the Libraries to preserve submitted content using accepted preservation techniques.