Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University

About Embry-Riddle Research

At ERAU, our vision is to become the world’s leader in aerospace education and research.  Since 2004, we have expanded the scope of our research activities and are now recognized nationally and internationally in a number of research areas.  We continue to grow and develop new research capabilities through the initiation of three Ph.D. programs in Aviation, Engineering Physics and Aerospace Engineering, as well as through the addition of new faculty in these areas, who have been recognized for their research achievements.

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Embry-Riddle has several key research areas that have been identified as important to the future of aerospace.  These areas - which form the backbone of our research activity, are:

  • NextGen Technology Research conducted at the ERAU-managed FAA NextGen Testbed
  • Unmanned and Autonomous Systems
  • Green Engineering and Technology
  • Commercial Space Transportation
  • Propulsion
  • Safety Management Systems

In each of these areas, we have faculty and students engaged in innovative and award winning research.