Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University

Secure Your Future.

You’re dedicated to protecting and serving the citizens and resources of the world. See how the Embry-Riddle advantage will make you a global player in the enduring security of the planet.

Aerospace & Occupational Safety

Agencies worldwide need qualified leaders to ensure the safety of their employees, customers, and assets. This program will make you an expert in the safety impact to a variety of industries.

Program offered at Florida campus.

Aviation Environmental Science

You recognize the integral alliance between technology and the environment. This program will position you for top positions in business and industry, federal and state agencies, airport operations, and more.

Program offered at Arizona campus.

Cyber Intelligence and Security

When information comes under attack, you can help save the day. This program offers comprehensive study in computer science and cybersecurity, and will arm you with the necessary skills to lead teams in both the offensive and defensive aspects of cyber warfare.

Program offered at Arizona campus.

Fire Science

Recognized by Fire Emergency Services Higher Education (FESHE), this program explores the principles, theory, and practices used by today’s fire service professionals, and focuses on fire dynamics, protection, prevention, and investigation, as well as disaster planning and more.

Program offered at Worldwide campus.

Global Security & Intelligence Studies

Society is plagued by cyber-crime, terrorism, and environmental threats. You’ll learn how to be a champion for justice through this unique program, which offers contemporary solutions to long-standing problems.

Program offered at Arizona campus.

Homeland Security

Stand up for freedom and democracy with the degree that helps you protect and serve the land you love. Specialize in emergency response, law enforcement, security and risk analysis, and more.

Program offered at Florida campus.

Safety Science

Making the world a more secure place to live is the focus of this program. You’ll study safety’s impact on the operations of a variety of industries and governments across the globe.

Program offered at Arizona campus.

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