Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University

Born to Lead.

You already know where you’re headed. Let us help you get there. Whether your focus is on aviation/aerospace, business administration or technical management, our diverse programs are a match for your goals.

Aviation Business Administration

Let your business savvy take flight with this unique program that pairs the dynamic aviation and aerospace industries with the exciting world of business.

Programs offered at the Florida, Arizona, and Worldwide campuses.

Business Administration

The business world is constantly changing. This program prepares you to advance with the industry, and become an in-demand candidate for the most prestigious worldwide careers.

Program offered at Florida campus.

Commercial Space Operations

Here’s your chance to ‘get in on the ground floor’ with one of the fastest growing new industries today. This program will prepare you for a career in a variety of roles — including space flight policy — through diverse study that includes human factors, safety/security, spacecraft systems, and more.

Program offered at Florida campus.


Pairing the fundamentals of print, broadcast and digital media with a focus on aviation/aerospace, you’ll gain skills that will help you succeed in a variety of communication positions.

Program offered at Florida campus.

Global Business

Successful businesspeople today realize the importance of the world marketplace. In this program, you’ll analyze private and public sector pursuits across a variety of cultures.

Program offered at Arizona campus.

Technical Management

With three tracks to choose from — Logistics, Occupational Safety & Health or Engineering Sciences — this program will prepare you for a career in public administration, manufacturing, armed services, and more.

Program offered at Worldwide campus.


Today’s global marketplace demands efficient transportation solutions. This program focuses on all major modes of transport: air, highway, rail, and marine. You know where your future is headed; this degree can help get you there.

Program offered at Worldwide campus.

Looking for graduate programs? We have several to choose from!