Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University

Minor Courses of Study

Minor courses of study are academic programs designed to satisfy students' personal interests and to meet their professional needs. Students explore, in some depth, the offerings in a field of study. A minor course of study provides the student with significant experience in a discipline organized around skills, methodology, and subject matter. A minor program does not provide the depth of knowledge and experience as a major. All minors consist of 15-24 hours of coherent academic coursework. Consult the University Course Catalogs for details.

Choosing a minor

To gain the greatest value from their academic experiences, students are encouraged to select minors that complement their degree program and/or other minors they are pursuing. They are also encouraged to declare a minor by the beginning of their senior year. Designed to include a minimum number of required courses, minors provide students, whenever possible, with flexibility in fulfilling program requirements.

Each campus offers different selections of minors. See Daytona Beach campus minors, Prescott campus minors, or Worldwide minors.