Human Factors

Students work on developing procedures to improve pilot performance using a Helicopter simulator with haptic response belts.

With all that is taken into consideration in the design of a product or system, the degree to which the human element is considered could be greater, improving efficiency and functionality.

Embry-Riddle’s Human Factors graduate and post-graduate programs prepare its students to ensure that human-centered concerns, both psychological and physiological, are given due consideration during the design and development processes of systems, products, and work environments.

You will combine your learned psychological principles and engineering fundamentals to maximize interaction of humans with machines, as well as human performance issues. You’ll emerge from the program ready for a career in research, analysis, or design.

The Master of Science in Human Factors offers a distinct focus on the aviation/aerospace industry. You will opt to study techniques of human factors research, or systematic approach to designing machines, tasks, systems, and workplaces. You can opt for a thesis or non-thesis track.

The Ph.D. in Human Factors is focused on advanced techniques in research with a highly quantitative aspect.

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Master of Science in Human Factors

The facilities dedicated to aerospace and aviation on the Daytona Beach campus offer unique labs for your research. Your projects could have you working with our fleet of flight training devices, including unmanned aircraft systems simulation, team performance lab, physiology and color vision lab, and the motion sickness lab.

Whatever direction your research may take, you’ll have faculty and facilities to support your studies.


Ph.D. in Human Factors

Take the next step toward advancing your human factors knowledge by learning what student life is like on our Daytona Beach Campus. Being an aerospace and aviation school, the Daytona Beach Campus offers plenty of unique labs for your research studies.

Our lab facilities include two flight simulators that emulate technically advanced aircraft, simulation of unmanned aerial systems, team performance lab, physiology and color vision lab, and a motion sickness lab. So no matter what you desire to research, you’ll be able to get firsthand experience throughout your studies.

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Are you looking for a undergraduate degree in this field?


When you study at ERAU, you’ll learn amid human factors experts and gain access to a wide variety of training facilities capable of supporting research program objectives.

The availability of ongoing projects and research across the campus provides students with opportunity for collaborative engagement. Among the many labs and facilities you will use are the Human Computer Interaction Lab, System Engineering Lab, and Human Cognition Center.

The department offers broad research opportunities with an emphasis on quality applied research. We specialize in human performance research and are proud of our reputation for successfully completing challenging projects.

Embry-Riddle is the only university in the United States to offer undergraduate, graduate, and post-graduate programs in Human Factors, which attracts external funded research opportunities.

Professor and Chair of Human Factors and Systems working with students Antoine Juhel and Sarah Cullen in his office.


With technological advances in manufacturing and production comes the need for more efficient human-machine interactions. It is human factors professionals who will ensure efficiency and safety in the design of systems and machines of the future.

And because of the skills Human Factors graduates possess, it’s easy to move across disciplines. Your career can take you into academia, private industry, government, or the military.

Human Factors graduates are in-demand candidates for careers in the following professions and with the following industry leaders: