Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University

The Program

About the Program

The Aerospace Career Academy program provides high school students with a dual enrollment model to introduce them to careers in aviation or aerospace.

"Using aviation and aerospace to capture students' imaginations and motivate them toward their studies."

The premise of our aerospace career academy curriculum is simple: provide rigorous STEM-related courses that prepare high school students for college while providing them a clear pathway to college graduation and high-paying jobs in a thrilling and dynamic industry.

For more information about the program view the 2013 Aerospace Career Academy viewbook.

Proven: Up and Running

  • Rockford, IL (1 campuses, 2013)
  • Winter Springs, FL (1 campuses, 2013)
  • Charlotte County (4 campuses, 2006)
  • St Johns County (1 campus, 2006)
  • Palm Beach County (1 campus, 2007)
  • St Lucie County (1 campus, 2008)
  • Lyons-Township, IL, (2 campuses, 2006)

Method: University Micro-Campuses On Partner H.S. Campuses

The "secrets" of success:

  • Outstanding teaching professors [Fully-qualified, hired locally, most are part-time]
  • Full sections of qualified students [Average+ students, good deportment, interested in college or professional trade]

A Lot of Winners

  • Students: Experience and Proof of Competency
  • Parents: Save up to two+ years tuition
  • School District: Energizing education stream
  • The Community: Attractive education lure
  • Community Colleges: Enhanced student flows
  • ERAU, Local Colleges, Industry Partners: Quality recruiting pools

View an ERAU Aerospace Academy Overview