Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University

The Curriculum

Flexible: Tailored Curriculum

ERAU Course #


ERAU Course Title

AS 120

ASC 1000

Principles of Aeronautical Science

AS 121

ATF 1103

Private Pilot Operations

AS 220

ASC 2560

Unmanned Aircraft Systems

AS 254

ASC 2310

Aviation Legislation

AS 357

ASC 3471

Flight Physiology

AMS 115

AMT 1092

Aviation Mathematics and Physics

AMS 116

AMT 1093

Fundamentals of Electricity

AMS 117

AMT 1041

Tools, Materials, and Processes

AMS 118

AM 1000

Aircraft Familiarization and Regulations

BA 201

MAN 2021

Principles of Management

CS 118

COP 1000

Fundamentals of Computer Programming

CS 120

CGS 1022

Introduction to Computing in Aviation

EGR 101

EGS 1003

Introduction to Engineering

EGR 111

ETD 1100

Engineering Drawing

EGR 115

EGN 1212

Introduction to Computing for Engineers

EGR 120

EGS 1113

Graphical Communications

HF 300

ASC 3474

Human Factors I: Principles and Fundamentals

HF 302

ASC 3476

Human Factors II: Analytic Methods and Techniques

HS 110

DSC 1003

Introduction to Homeland Security

HS 210

TRA 2013

Fundamentals of Transportation Security

SF 201

ETI 2701C

Introduction to Health, Occupational, and Transportation Safety

SF 205

ETI 2711

Principles of Accident Investigation

SF 210

ASC 2870

Introduction to Aerospace Safety

SS 110

WHO 1022

World History

SS 130

ASC 1010

History of Aviation in America

SS 311

AMH 3541

U.S. Military History 1775-1900

SS 321

AMH 3547

U.S. Military History 1900-Present

SP 110

ASC 1051

Introduction to Space Flight

SP 200

ASC 2052

Planetary and Space Exploration

SP 210

ASC 2053

Space Transportation System

SP 215

ASC 2060

Space Station Systems and Operations

WX 201

ASC 2210

Survey of Meteorology

WX 261

ASC 2212

Applied Climatology

Typical Course Flow


9th Grade

10th Grade

11th Grade

12th Grade


High School Class
Introduction to Aerospace

ERAU Courses

ERAU Flight Track



Aeronautical Science

(semester courses)

Unmanned Aircraft Systems

Flight Physiology
(semester courses)

Private Pilot Ground School I
(semester courses)
Private Pilot Ground School II

ERAU Engineering Track

Intro to Engineering
(semester courses)
Intro to Computing for Engineering

Engineering Drawing
(semester courses)
Graphical Communications

ERAU Space Track

Intro to Space Flight
(semester courses)
Planetary & Space Exploration

Space Transportation System
(semester courses)
Space Station Systems & Operations

ERAU Maintenance Track

Aviation Maintenance Science

Aviation Math & Physics

Fundamentals of Electricity

Tools, Materials & Processes

Aircraft Familiarization & Regulations