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Applying to ERAU

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Individual Student Course Transfer Agreement

Before an ISCTA can be processed, the student must have successfully completed an application to ERAU.

Aerospace Career Academy Director initiates by submitting letter (below) for interested student upon graduation (or as close to graduation as possible.)

Aerospace Career Academy Transfer Program

Students attending one of the Aerospace Career Academies (ACA) high schools may enter into a transfer agreement with ERAU upon graduation. This allows the student to complete two years of study at their local community college before transferring to ERAU.

The student would initiate the process with their ACA Director by completing the "Letter of Intent". The Admissions Office will complete a personalized course equivalency guide for the student to assist them in registering for classes at their local community college.

If the ACA transfer student matriculates within two (2) years, he will remain under the academic guidelines of the catalog in existence at the time the agreement is established. If circumstances prevent him from completing the courses within the two (2) year period, he can petition for an extra year. However, if the student does not complete the courses within this 3 year time frame, he would then fall under the catalog in existence at the time he matriculates.