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Reserve Officer Training Corps Programs at Embry-Riddle

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Reserve Officer Training Corps (ROTC) is a four-year college elective program offered at Embry-Riddle's residential campuses to train students to become Air Force, Army, Navy, or Marine officers. Air Force, Army, and Naval ROTC programs offer you a chance to develop skills for success needed in both the military and civilian worlds, such as confidence, self-esteem, motivation, and the ability to make decisions.

Today, as in the past, many bright, young, ambitious students desire to be leaders. Are you one of them?

Many of our students enroll with ROTC Scholarships, which may cover all or part of tuition, fees, and books -- along with a monthly allowance. Some ROTC Scholarships are awarded to students after completion of their first year.

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Reserve Officer Training programs are controlled and operated according to rules and regulations established by the service branch that sponsors them. These may be changed from to time without notice or obligation.