Javad Gorjidooz Faculty Delegate
Prescott Campus

Javad Gorjidooz

Dr. Javad Gorjidooz

Dr. Javad Gorjidooz is a professor of finance in the Department of Aviation Business Administration at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University (ERAU) at Prescott, Arizona. He has MBA, MA, and Ph.D. from Indiana University at Bloomington, Indiana with majors in accounting, economics and finance. Dr. Gorjidooz is a member of the Academic and Facilities and Capital Planning Committees of the Board.

Dr. Javad Gorjidooz has 20 years of experience in teaching variety of courses in corporate finance, economics, aviation finance, and transport economics. He has also written and published many articles concerning the aviation industry including “Aircraft Valuation in Dynamic Air Transport Industry” and “Productivity Analysis of Public and Private Airports: A Causal Investigation”. His articles have been published in numerous peer-reviewed academic journals such as the Journal of Air Transportation and International Business and Economics Research Journal. Dr. Gorjidooz’s paper entitled “Fortress America” As Created by NAFTA and Its Impact on Foreign Direct Investments” was awarded as the best paper presented at the 2002 Annual Meeting of the International Applied Business Research Conference in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.

Dr. Gorjidooz was the recipient of the 2009 University of Michigan scholarship to attend the inaugural Vietnam faculty research and development program in the area of international business in January of 2009.

He has presented a workshop on project evaluation using capital budgeting techniques at International Society of Parametric Association sponsored by NASA at Raytheon Missile System in Los Angeles. Dr. Gorjidooz also presented many workshops on variety of topics at colleges and universities in Colorado and Arizona. Among these are Successful Strategies for Online Trading, International Perspectives in Business Decision Making, and Survival Guide for Small Business.

He has also given speeches to young adults at the FBLA-PBL State and National Leadership Conferences on topics such as Empowering Young Adults to Better Prepare for Investing and Retirement.

Dr. Gorjidooz is a member of editorial board and reviewer of the Scientific Journal International, International Journal of Air Transportation, Journal of Parametric, member of the Air Transport Research Society (ATRS), reviewer of many books in finance, and has chaired many conferences across the globe.

He has received many awards and recognitions for scholarly activities, intellectual contribution and professional services.

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