Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University

Embry-Riddle's Safety Culture Statement

Safety is the number one priority at Embry-Riddle. We are committed to maintaining an environment in which students, faculty, staff, and visitors have a high safety comfort level with all university facilities and functions.

To achieve the goal of maintaining the safest campus possible, Embry-Riddle students and employees are expected to constantly maintain a safety mindset. It is understood that the university community should be vigilant in observing potential problem areas and to report their observations to the Safety Department.

To accomplish its safety goals, the university is stressing several major initiatives:

  • Standardized safety procedures for all high-risk operations
  • Continuous safety training
  • Accurate risk assessment
  • Maintaining an efficient and effective risk-management system


Embry-Riddle believes that safety is everyone's responsibility. Compliance with all established safety regulations and operating standards is essential.

Safety Presentations

Students and Faculty can log into ERNIE to view presentations which illustrate the commitment to our Safety Culture of President Johnson and other University leaders.