Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University

Embry-Riddle Academic Leadership

Daytona Beach Campus

Dr. Richard Heist
Chief Academic Officer
Dr. Robert Oxley
Associate Vice President, Academics

College of
Arts and Sciences

Dr. Bill Grams
Dr. Sergey Drakunov
Associate Dean
Dr. Scott Shappell
Human Factors and Systems Chair
Dr. Donna Barbie
Humanities/SS Chair
Dr. James Howland
Mathematics Chair
Dr. Terry Oswalt
Physical Sciences Chair
Dr. James Ramsay
Security Studies & International Affairs Chair
Dr. Geoffrey Kain
Director, Honors Program
Col. Stephen Luxion
Air Force ROTC
Lt. Col. Garret Messner
Capt. Randall Lynch
Naval ROTC

College of Aviation

Dr. Tim Brady
Dr. Cass Howell
Associate Dean
Dr. Alan Stolzer
Associate Dean, Research & Graduate Studies
Dr. Dan Macchiarella
Aeronautical Science Chair
Dr. Guy Smith
Applied Aviation Sciences Chair
Chuck Horning
Aviation Maintenance Science Chair
Ken Byrnes
Flight Department Chair

College of Business

Dr. Michael Williams
Dr. Massoud Bazargan
Associate Dean for Research
Dr. Dawna Rhoades
Chair, Management, Marketing & Operations
Dr. Thomas Tacker
Chair, Economics, Finance, & Information Systems

College of Engineering

Dr. Maj Mirmirani
Dr. Chris Grant
Associate Dean
Dr. Susan Davis Allen
Associate Dean of Research and Distinguished Professor of Mechanical Engineering
Dr. Anastasios Lyrintzis
Aerospace Engineering Chair and Distinguished Professor
Dr. Tim Wilson
Electrical, Computer, Software and Systems Engineering Chair
Dr. Heidi Steinhauer
Freshman Engineering Chair
Dr. Charles Reinholtz
Mechanical and Engineering Sciences Chair
John Weavil
Civil Engineering Chair

Prescott Campus

Dr. Richard Bloom
Chief Academic Officer

College of
Arts and Sciences

Dr. Archie Dickey
Dr. Robin Sobotta
Business Chair
Dr. Philip Jones
Global Studies Chair
Dr. Angela Beck
Humanities and Communications Chair
Dr. Hisaya Tsutsui
Mathematics Chair
Dr. Darrel Smith
Physics Chair
Dr. Erin Bowen
Safety Science Chair
Col. Dennis Malfer
Air Force ROTC
Lt. Col. John Strandberg

College of Aviation

Dr. Brent Bowen
Jerry Kidrick
Flight Department Chair
Dr. Mark Sinclair
Meteorology Chair

College of Engineering

Dr. Ron Madler
Dr. Mark Sensmeier
Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering Chair
Dr. Milton Cone
Electrical and Computer Engineering Chair

College of Security & Intelligence

Dr. Philip Jones
Dr. Richard Bloom
Chief Academic Officer

Worldwide Campus

Dr. Brad Sims
Chief Academic Officer

College of Aeronautics

Dr. Kenneth Witcher
Dean, College of Aeronautics
Dr. Dennis Vincenzi
Department Chair, Undergraduate Studies
Dr. Ian McAndrew
Department Chair, Graduate Studies
Dr. Bruce Conway
Department Chair, Engineering Sciences
Scott Burgess
Program Chair, AS/BS Aeronautics
Dr. Daniel Benny
Program Chair, BS Aviation Security
Dr. Larry Jenkins
Program Chair, BS Transportation
Dr. David Ison
Program Chair, Master of Aeronautical Science
Dr. David Hernandez
Program Chair, Master of Systems Engineering
Dr. Todd Smith
Program Chair, MS Occupational Safety Management
Dr. David Worrells
Program Chair, MS Space Education

College of Business

Dr. Kees Rietsema
Dean, College of Business
Dr. Thomas Henkel
Department Chair, Management Sciences
Dr. Adam Marks
Department Chair, Management & Technology
Program Chair, AS/BS Technical Management
Dr. Ronald Mau
Department Chair, Business Administration
Dr. Wayne Harsha
Department Chair, Leadership
Linda Weiland
Program Chair, Aviation Maintenance
Jennifer O’Bryon
Program Chair, AS/BS Aviation Business Administration
Dr. Mark Bellnap
Program Chair, Master of Business Administration in Aviation
Dr. Aaron Glassman
Program Chair, MS in Management
Dr. Aman Gupta
Program Chair, MS Logistics & Supply Chain Management
Dr. Edward Knab
Program Chair, MS in Leadership
Dr. Jim Marion
Program Chair, MS in Engineering Management
Dr. Tracey Richardson
Program Chair, MS in Project Management

College of Arts & Sciences

Dr. James Schultz
Dean, College of Arts & Sciences
Dr. Ronald Wakeham
Department & Program Chair, Fire Science
Dr. Eugene Round
Department Chair, Mathematics, Physical & Life Sciences
Dr. Terri Maue
Department Chair, English & Humanities
Kelly George
Department Chair, Social Science & Economics
Dr. Bill Kiele
Discipline Chair, Mathematics & Computer Science
Dr. Thomas Sieland
Discipline Chair, Physical & Life Sciences
Ann Marie Ade
Discipline Chair, English & Speech
Dr. Tommy Walter
Discipline Chair, Government & History
Donna Roberts
Discipline Chair, Psychology & Sociology