Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University

Benefits: Retirement Plan

Embry-Riddle provides a 403(b) defined contribution retirement program to allow employees to plan for their postemployment years and to structure their financial security upon retirement.

Full-Time Faculty and Staff

This retirement plan is provided to full-time faculty and to staff who work 20 hours or more.

Establishing an Account and Becoming Vested

Eligible employees may establish a University retirement account upon date of hire.

  • The employee is on a delayed vesting plan upon establishing the retirement account and will only own all University retirement fund contributions after one year of service. Employee contributions are immediately vested.

University Contributions and Matching

  • The university will contribute an amount equal to 6% of the employee's regular base pay into the employee's retirement fund.

  • The employee may voluntarily contribute a portion of his/her earnings into the retirement fund. The University will match employee contributions of 1%, 2%, or 3% equally of eligible pay. Employees may contribute an amount above the 3% match into their retirement funds.

University-Approved Investment Companies


Establishing an Account and Making Contributions for Adjuncts and Part Time employees 10-15 hours

  • Eligible employees may establish a TIAA-CREF upon their date of hire.
  • Employee contributions are made via automatic payroll deduction each pay period.
  • All contributions the employee makes are voluntary. Embry-Riddle does not match or contribute.