Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University

The Office of Diversity and Inclusion

We consider our most important missions to be the stewardship of our students, who are our primary focus at Embry-Riddle. Their well-being and feeling of belonging is paramount to this office. It is our goal to ensure that every student feels welcomed and included into the Embry-Riddle community

The students’ well-being after they graduate is just as important.  With that in mind, The Office of Diversity and Inclusion creates programs and services that maximize student performance that is transferable to life after college.  Our unique workshops and activities prepare students for the places where they will live, learn, and earn after they graduate.  Programs and services create the space for them to make informed decisions about their behaviors and how their behaviors impact the people around them.  We continuously connect students with information that is useful, profitable, and beneficial based on two primary forces: 1) Embry-Riddle’s students and their circumstances; and 2) Embry-Riddle’s culture and its impact on student development.

Programs and Services

Our programs and services follow the CLOUD connectivity concept - Creating Live Opportunities through Unity and Diversity. Connected and collaborative learning is at the core of the CLOUD. Examples of our connected and collaborative learning programs are:

Leadership Enhancement Program (LEP)

The Leadership Enhancement Program (LEP) is designed for staff and students to learn ideal leadership traits and behaviors they need to lead groups on and off campus and for professional development.  Information provided in each session will unlock the participants’ leadership potential to accelerate preferred results and become a magnet for exemplary leadership research and certifications.  Topics will cover real-world instances of a variety of leadership actions that effect and influence their environments.  Participants will also form leadership teams to analyze and prescribe solutions for a campus or community entity.

Weekly Discussion Groups

As more women continue to enter college and take on leadership roles in the workforce, it is imperative that both men and women recognize gender differences and collaborate to bring about gender equity on and off campus.  Weekly discussion groups allow participants to learn about gender gaps on and off campus and promote equality and retention of underrepresented groups.  Additionally, weekly sessions will explore self-identity, self-fulfillment, emotionality, social justice, and the impact on inhabitants of male-dominated environments.

Weekly Business Networking

In a weekly business networking series entitled, “Paths to Success”, faculty, staff, business professionals, and alumni will share with students how to develop professional career plans for their field of study or area of interest. Chamber of Commerce and local business owners are also invited to provide insight on their success as entrepreneurs in a volatile business and economic state.  Students will experience being a part of the Chamber of Commerce through scheduled tours and visits as well as internships.  Special attention will be given to inviting women and minority professionals as part of the Women’s Initiative and retention of other under-represented populations.

Global Citizenship Program

The Global Citizenship Program will begin Fall 2013 and will provide education on national and international corporate social responsibility and stewardship through integrated classroom instruction, experiential learning, and summer study abroad terms. The program will be six semesters starting fall of the participant’s second year. A 3.0 GPA is required to participate in the program which indicates that participants are attentive to their academic astuteness.  The program is a cohort model that enlists 20 students recommended by staff or faculty.  The program includes a pre-board and study abroad component as well as an individual capstone all of which takes place in collaborative learning environment.

Pre-board Program

Students may have an interest in studying or traveling abroad but have little to no experience with life outside of their country or community. The Pre-board Program is a simulated community built by students, faculty, and staff that simulates an abroad experience. The program offers tools in a fun and interactive setting for students to learn and adapt to safety and risk issues, cultural differences, political and etiquette essentials, and food and financial elements regarding traveling to different countries.

Contact the Office of Diversity and Inclusion at diversit@erau.edu

Dr. Robin Roberts, Director