Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University

Human Resources Personal & Department Development Training

Diversity 1: Diversity and You—How to Maximize the Benefits of a Diverse Workforce
Workshop participants examine the definitions and meanings attached to the word "diversity," explore the benefits of a diverse workforce, and identify ways that diversity can be accepted and promoted to maximize its benefits for all including self.
Diversity 2: Cross-Cultural Intelligence
This workshop is geared to all University supervisors, managers, deans, and chairs. The workshop provides tips and tools to effectively address cross-cultural issues as they arise in the workplace. In addition, participants review and discuss data from the original eight-hour diversity workshop conducted across the University. Registration generally closes approximately one week before the workshop to allow time for the pre-workshop assignment to be completed.
Ethics: Impacts and Challenges
What are my ethical dilemmas at work? How do I recognize them? What do I do about them? Through an interactive game, this class will explore these questions and provide you with insight into your own standard of ethics.
Examining Our Assumptions and "Mental Models"
Am I aware that I constantly make assumptions about people, policies at work, or life in general? What impact do these assumptions, also known as mental models, have on the way I react to people and things? This workshop will explore the origins of mental models, what impact they have on my behavior and attitude, and what I can do to recognize when my thoughts, words, and actions reflect my mental models.
Managing Self and Others Through Change
Change is inevitable—growth is optional. This workshop will present the dynamics of change in a way that brings change to life for ourselves and others. We will also learn how to use change to our advantage.