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Officers in flight training WWII

To keep its legacy alive for future aviation enthusiasts, the University collects and archives documents, oral histories, memorabilia, photographs, and artifacts that tell the Embry-Riddle story from the earliest days as a flight school in Cincinnati, Ohio, through its emergence as a global university.

University Archives
Documents, oral histories, memorabilia, photographs, and artifacts preserving Embry-Riddle's legacy as pioneer and partner in the evolution of the aviation industry.
University Archives Database
Search or browse our collection of photographs, oral histories, and textual documents.
Aviation Safety and Security Archives
ASASA provides information about aviation safety and aviation security to faculty, students, and the aviation community. It is a university resource which promotes research by preserving and making available primary, unique records, manuscripts, and other material, and it is a portal that facilitates access to information relating to aviation and aviation/aerospace safety and security.
Aviation Safety and Security Archives Digital Library
The ASASA Digital Library gives on-line researchers access to documents, videos, and scanned photographs related to aviation safety and security through browsing and full-text search capabilities.

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